Silberpfeil was bred, trained and approved (100 days test) in Switzerland. He also competed in show jumping while in Europe. He was imported into Canada to bring quality Holsteiner blood into the Canadian Warmblood gene pool. This grand gentleman remained at stud until his death in 2006 (at the age of  24!) a testament to his great temperament, accommodating nature and the quality of his offsprings.

His frozen semen and his offspring remain one of the last remaining link to such great Holsteiner lines that to this day shine in all arenas of the sport.

His sire, Sylvester died young but produced many easy-to-ride and versatile performance horses in Holstein (mostly jumpers). Sylvester had enormous jumping ability with good form and he was very tight with his front legs over fences. He passed those traits onto his offspring and Silberpfeil passes on that trait also.




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His dam Nancy was by Convent a son of Cor de la Bryere. Convent was a privately own stallion in Denmark and so little is known about him but the prepotency of Cor de la Bryere down the generations is phenomenal. He is easily the most influential thoroughbred introduced to the Holsteiner breed and widely recognized as a foundation sire. His progeny include hundreds of proven athletes, Olympic medal winners in both dressage and showjumping. With over 40 influential sons, his impact on warmblood breeding extends all borders. Cor de la Bryere is ranked among the top six in the Eternal List of Leading Sires.

Silberpfeil’s offspring show nice knee and hock action and excellent jumping ability the holsteiners are so well known for. Most of his foals possess his size, his presence as well as excellent temperament and kind nature.  In Canada and the USA they have proven themselves up to the open levels of show jumping as well as in the hunter ring.

Because of his age many Silberpfeil daughters have gone on to be recognized quality broodmares.

Below are some of his more famous half brothers (same sire): Solomon (grand prix jumper), Sylvano (Olympic Dressage), South Pacific (Grand Prix jumper and hunter sire).